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Packing Tips
  1. Start well in advance of moving day. This avoids the last minute packing rush and strain. Start with your least used items.

  2. Identify contents of each carton you pack for easy unpacking.

  3. Pack an "Open Me First" first box. Contents could include: toilet paper, garbage bags, coffee pot; or any other items you'll need right away.

  4. Never pack articles above the top of the carton flap edge.

  5. Books and Records should be packed on their edges, in small cartons weighing not more than 40 to 50 pounds.

  6. Remove all fragile or heavy items from dresser drawers. Blankets, towels and pillow may be left in drawers, or packed in large cartons (5 cubic or 6 cubic cartons).

  7. Large mirrors, glass tables tops and valued paintings should be packed in a special cartons. Try using a small or large mirror carton.

  8. Fragile stickers on cartons will alert you and the movers to give special attention and care to these containers.

  9. When marking cartons, mark them not only on the side, but also on the top for easier identification.

  10. When packing china, place heavy items on the bottom of the container. All flat pieces should be placed on their edge with lots of packing material in the bottom of the carton for support.

  11. Do not pack irons or heavy kitchenware in the same container with china or crystal or any other breakables.

  12. Do not use newspaper for wrapping. The paint will run off. Use packing paper available at Your Moving Depot Inc.

  13. Use clean towels or tissue to pack lampshades to avoid soiling.

  14. Be sure to remove all light bulbs from lamps before packing.

  15. Wardrobes are available and serve as a portable closet to transport clothing, drapes or curtains. Wardrobes are excellent storage after the move, for seasonal clothing storage.

  16. Liquid in bottles should be securely fastened.

  17. Do not leave trays, grills, etc., loose in the refrigerator, stove or freezer.

  18. Any fixtures fastened to the wall such as drapery tracks, lights, ceiling fans etc., should be taken down and hardware packed in a bag for easy assembly at your destination.

  19. Any items not included in the move should be kept separate so as not to be moved in error.

  20. Ensure items such as outboard motors and powers are drained of any fuel and oil.

  21. Power tools such as lathes, saws and grinders should be dismantled for safe moving.
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